Apr, 2021
Apr, 2021
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Vrdnik spa

Vrdnik spa is located on the southern slopes of Fruska Gora Mountain.There is a wonderful natural amphitheater, surrounded by gentle stream valleys covered with lush and diverse vegetation. At Fruska Gora there are no natural lakes, but sixteen artificial have been made. It is also the largest forest reserve of lime on the entire territory of Europe.


In Vrdnik spa and the surrounding area is a valuable cultural and historical heritage, which dates back to the Bronze Age through the Roman period and the Middle Ages until today.

From this period to the present day, many monuments of sacred and secular architecture have been preserved, including important houses and religious buildings like monasteries with their monastic churches, housing and manufacturing complexes. They were built mainly during the XVIII century, so the original architecture is not, but the original organization of the complex is significantly saved.

Near Vrdnik there are 15 monasteries of primarily 35 as it was then. As a cultural and historical value, they are all under the protection of UNESCO.

The environment

“White Mine” is a mining pit explored until 1937. Its granite – Kaolin stone, was commonly used

The first Serbian Reading Room was open on January 14th 1842 in Irig.

Located on Dumbovac stream that emerges from several sources under Brankovac and