Apr, 2021
Apr, 2021
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Vrdnik Spa is picturesque settlement situated on the south slopes od Fruska Gora mountain.

Great Remeta Monastery is located in the eastern part of Fruska Gora, northwest of the

Near Berkasovo, there is Church of Saint Paraskeva – St. Petka, situated in a beautiful bay

Monastery with a church dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin is located on the west side

Based on legends preserved, monastery was founded in the late XV ct by Raka Milosevic

Legend says: “Serbian Despot Vuk Brankovic gave no small amount of money

Petkovic Monastery is located on the southwest part of Fruska Gora Mountain

Hopovo Monastery, with its Church of St. Nicholas presents the most important

East of Novo Hopovo monastery on a small plateau, isolated but not inaccessible, lies the Staro Hopovo monastery, or as it is often called the “old monastery”. Staro Hopovo was built between 1496 and 1520 by despot Djordje Brankovic (Maxim).    However, this is quite uncertain, so the question who built this beautiful monastery remains […]

The monastery was not meant to have a quiet life. In XVI century it was burned

It’s located on the south-western slopes of Fruska Gora Mountain and has a church

After the death of her husband, Angelina despot arrives in 1487 in Srem

It is located on the southern slope of Fruska Gora. It’s built in 1736

It’s not known who built the monastery Grgeteg, but the legend says

Divsa Monastery is located on the southern slopes of the Fruska Gora Mountain.

According to tradition, the monastery Besenovo is founded by Serbian King Dragutin

Beocin Monastery is one of the most visited monasteries on Fruska Gora Mountain.